The Clean and Accountable Election Act


The Clean and Accountable Election Act will reduce the power of wealthy special interests, lobbyists, and government contractors, while empowering everyday people in Arizona elections by modernizing the state’s Clean Elections program. Here’s how:

  1. Strengthen Clean Elections. The initiative will make sure community leaders with strong public support can run for office free from the influence of wealthy donors and lobbyists. Clean Elections candidates would be encouraged to build a large base of small donors, with donations under $160 matched on a six-to-one basis, up to a limit. The additional funds will be paid for with a $10 tax check-off.
  1. Increase disclosure of secret money in elections. This initiative will increase transparency in our elections by requiring outside groups to disclose their big-money donors.
  1. Reduce the influence of wealthy special interests. Contributions to candidates who don’t participate in Clean Elections would be reduced dramatically, with stiff penalties for violating the rules. Large government contractors with business before the state would be barred from influencing the process by making contributions to candidates and political committees.
  1. Reduce the influence of lobbyists. The initiative will close the gift ban loophole that allows lobbyists to pay for lawmakers’ trips and travel and slow the revolving door by doubling the “cooling off” period for elected officials who wish to become lobbyists.

Read the full text of the initiative on the Secretary of State’s website»